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  • NMLS: 1219320
  • Dio Gonzalez
  • 262-309-8289
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  • NMLS: 1622211
  • Todd Rubick
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  • NMLS: 898428
  • John C. Thompson
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TK Mortgage Loans Colorado

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We strive for each one of our customers to be completely satisfied. That means providing the right loan, at a friendly APR, closing on time, 100% of the time with absolutely no hassles or hiccups.

Plus, our people are friendly and experts in home lending, providing assistance just like a neighbor. 

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Loan Officers

Dio Gonzalez

Title: Senior Loan Officer
NMLS #: 1219320
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Todd Rubick

Title: IT Management, Senior Loan Officer
NMLS #: 1622211
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John C. Thompson

Title: CFA, Senior Loan Officer & Co-Founder
NMLS #: 898428
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We offer amazing interest rates for all Fixed and Adjustable Conforming in the box home loans as well as FHA, VA, USDA, Heloc's as well as Specialize in Self Employed Borrower Bank Statement Programs, Foreign Naationals, Super Jumbo's, Alt A - Bank Turn Downs and more... Need help?  Call us today!

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NMLS# 1622211

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